Our Structure


The organisation of the "European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry" is based on the voluntary and honorary work of its functionaries and the cooperation with business partners.

Vertical structure

There is a vertical (or regional) structure which is topped by the multinational function of a governor and represented by the national hierarchy of president, vice presidents, chairpersons of "working commissions" etc. of the country concerned. These 22 working commissions (consisting of chairpersons and panels of experts and specialists) which cover all fields of business may be established in all countries and regions.

Horizontal structure

The horizontal (or professional) structure comprises of central offices for specific activities. These central offices are chaired by persons who are experts in their field. In contrast to the "working commissions" which are part of the regional and the professional structure as well, the central offices can operate not only on a national basis but on an international basis.


The Executive




Chamber Organisation
Branch Offices
Central Offices
National Presidents
& Vice Presidents
Heads of Central Offices
Professional Presidents
Chairpersons of 22
Working Com missions
Panels of Independent
Individual Delegates
Corporate Delegates
Partners / Sponsors

The twenty two Working Commissions

(A 01) Agro-industrial complex
(A 02) Banking, finance business and insurance
(A 03) Business development assistance
(A 04) Construction and architecture
(A 05) Consumer protection and certification
(A 06) Culture and art
(A 07) Duties and taxation
(A 08) Ecology and environmental protection
(A 09) Employment and personnel matters
(A 10) Engineering and technology
(A 11) Exchange of patents, licences and know-how
(A 12) Foreign trade and commodity agreements
(A 13) Health protection, social welfare and safety
(A 14) Industry and commerce
(A 15) Information technology and telecommunication
(A 16) Jurisprudence and audit
(A 17) Marketing, sales and trade
(A 18) Power, energy and fuel
(A 19) Press and public relations
(A 20) Science, research and education
(A 21) Tourism, business exchange and training
(A 22) Transport, carriage and traffic

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Contact Bohemia

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Phone: (+420) 775 043 242

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